Most radios from leading manufacturers have a range of about a kilometer, which allows for the protection of any object the guards talk among themselves. Sooner or later every person using the radio, there is a desire to increase the range of its validity. There are several ways to realize this desire.For example, if you want to increase the range of the radio, replace the conventional helical antenna is a special four wave pin, which you can buy in almost every market.
Can also be used as an antenna a long piece of coaxial cable, which can significantly amplify the signal. Configure the frequency of the radio so that it would send a signal as far as possible.
The range of the antenna depends on the output power path. Choose the optimum frequency for signal transmission, remembering that the closer to the edges of the working range is significantly deteriorated many of the characteristics of the radio for truckers, such as sensitivity and power. Therefore, standard antenna tuned to the middle frequency range. That is, if your radio transmits a signal in the range of 136-174 MHz, then the highest range it will show, at a frequency of 155 MHz.
Always use a well charged battery, as the power output depends on nutrition. Therefore, if you are going to use the radio for a long time, always carry a spare battery. Also, if necessary, increase the transmission distance of signal of your walkie talkie brand midland for a communication session, use the hills on the terrain.
A good radio will allow you to communicate with your colleague at work and in the event of an emergency, quickly come to his aid. At the moment the most popular manufacturers radios are Midland and Motorola. Each of these companies provides a wide range of various digital and electronic products from conventional radios to all stations.