Advice 1: How to introduce yourself in a trance

Self-knowledge and self-development with the help of TRANS – known practice in psychology. In order to enter into a trance, use the technique of self-hypnosis the Betty Erickson, which has made great strides in this area.
Know yourself through self-hypnosis
Accept the most convenient pose in which you will be able to spend time under hypnosis. If you sit, it will protect you from falling asleep, but if you feel that you want to go, go.
Determine the time after which your body will bring you from the trance. Clearly tell yourself: "I want to hypnotize yourself for 15 minutes . You will be surprised that your internal clock will work exactly the quarter of minutes.
The next important step is defining the purpose. Tell yourself, which you enter yourself into a trance state. For example, "I want to be in a trance to gain confidence in dealing with people . This should be your personal goal, stated clearly and specifically.
Now, define for yourself how you want to be at the end of self-hypnosis. It can be very different condition, vigor and energy to relaxation and willingness to get to sleep.
Sitting or lying in a comfortable position, focus on three small items outside, for example, on the mirror, door handle and vase. Name what you see, for example, "I see the glass vase in the right corner of the room .
Continue to focus on the three sounds that you hear in a given second, for example, "I hear the wind lifts the window . It may be the sounds that in normal times distract you, but now they will allow you to enter into a trance state.
The next step you need to call kinesthetic sensations. It may be that unbeknownst to you at the usual time, for example, "I feel like the belt of the pants sticks in my stomach or I feel like a wool sweater tingle my skin .
Then again will resume the series of sensations and ideas: two visual, two auditory and two kinesthetic. This must be something new, what you see, hear and feel right now. Then repeat the cycle from one view, sound and feeling.
Now work to introduce myself in the TRANS goes into the inner plan of your consciousness. Close your eyes and imagine any object that will pop up in your mind. For example, the beach on the shores of France. Name it.
Now imagine a sound, for example, the cry of seagulls flying. Next, invoke the feeling you can create one yourself, for example, as the sun warms your back. If there is some external stimulus, for example, passing by you cat tail touched you, name it.
Next you need to do the same, repeating the first cycle of the two views, sounds and sensations, and then of three.
At this time you will enter the trance state. You may find that you lose consciousness or fall asleep, but the fact that you will return in 15 minutes, will indicate that you were hypnotized and your mind did what you asked.
If you did everything correctly, then your out of his trance will be accompanied by the condition that you wished in the beginning of the process, for example, cheerfulness or relaxation. And remember, regular practice of self hypnosis will improve your results and make the process more enjoyable and interesting.

Advice 2: How to enter into a trance himself

There are many forms of meditation and meditative trance. To enter into these States can be different, and they differently affect your sense of self. The easiest way to enter into the TRANS itself will entail relaxation, rest and regain energy.
How to enter into a trance himself
You will need
  • Peaceful place
  • Player with headphones
To get in trance, get ready. Allow yourself the music with a straight barrel, which will help to achieve the desired state. Will suit trance or techno.
Find a place where nobody will prevent the achievement of trance. For example, a closed room or your house – any place where you feel comfortable, and where there are no distractions like phones or TV.
Relax, take a deep breath and lie down. Make sure that you are comfortable. You don't have to move, or to be in a trance will not work.
Turn on the music and while the first track try to focus on the rhythm and beats. Completely clear your mind of any distracting thoughts. To achieve this, try using visual images. For example, imagine a huge knot you need to untie, stay focused and all other thoughts leave the head yourself.
As soon as you feel that your mind is cleared, start to create new images, using bits of music. In the imagination you can paint flowering plants, which ripen to the beat of your drum beats, or any other process.
Repeat to generate a consistent image in your head. Allow the body to relax and the mind to create. And after some time your thoughts will completely disappear, and your heart rate is equalized in accordance with the rhythm of the music. So you have achieved trance. When you exit this state, you're full of energy and will feel refreshed.
Many are wondering how to be in a trance, because the trance helps to cope with stress, to obtain the necessary relaxation. In addition, TRANS recognized by many people as a healing state of consciousness. How to enter the trance state: tips. Be careful choosing the place, it should be as safe and isolated. For entry into the TRANS need the most comfortable external conditions (temperature, fresh air).
Useful advice
How to enter the trance. Perform a relaxation exercise and clear your mind of all thoughts, focusing on breathing. Imagine that you descend the steep ladder down into the darkness. The first level of trance, when you feel heaviness in the body, in principle, sufficient to implement the projection. I strongly recommend not to force things, trying to get into a deep trance, as long as you are not quite familiar with the trance state per se.

Advice 3: How to enter into hypnosis

We all, for once in my life, but was in a state of hypnosis. Perhaps you noticed that when you find yourself in places with large concentrations of people, once lost and begin to walk in rhythm with the crowd. Or remember as you read an exciting book? Your eyes run through the lines, but you do not notice the letters and words. All consciousness goes on presenting the picture story. And there are hidden hypnotic States there are many. Hypnosis is called a method of psychotherapy based on suggestion when working with the unconscious part of the human soul. It is a matter of entry of a person into trance state. This condition does not seem to sleep nor wakefulness and is characterized by reduction in sensitivity to the environment. Hypnosis need to create an atmosphere of rest, relaxation, reduction of anxiety, enhancing mood. In trance it is possible to work with a wide range of pain thresholds. For example, you do someone a serious operation, but he has an intolerance to anesthetic substances. In this case, the appropriate application of hypnosis.
How to enter into hypnosis
In order to properly introduce a person into hypnosis, you must first define with the client and decide what result you want to during hypnosis. Then put the man in the chair, so it was convenient. Dim the lights. For greater comfort you can turn on relaxing music. Ask the client to close their eyes and relax.
Your voice should be slow, calm and confident. Tell the client that his breathing becomes slow and calm, the heart slows its beating, the pulse is lowered. Emphasize on the fact that his body is filled with lead and become heavy, and then offered him to raise a hand. If he can easily do, repeat the step again. Invite the client to imagine his childhood. Favorite places of his youth. Ask him to tell you about important and interesting moments of your life in detail. After this brief introduction, proceed towards the goal of a hypnotic session.
For many customers, the most difficult stage of a hypnotic session is the moment of exit from this state. Before awakening the subject, warn him about it. Tell him that when you count to 10, he would Wake up and feel great.
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