Why do modern people's demand for conversational hypnosis is constantly growing

In connection with the development of a large number of products did the competition. It is driven by modern progress, however, people sometimes go to drastic methods to sell your product. Among them is conversational hypnosis.

An example from the life of one of the hypnotist

Once in the group meeting asked to raise hands those who want to control people. Nobody responded, as considered shameful public confession of their desires. But when the host offered to raise the hands of those who wish to master the hypnosis, they all replied. In fact it's the same thing. Everyone wants to manage people, so the hypnosis today is widely sought.

What is conversational hypnosis

Conversational hypnosis is the ability to enter into a trance of the person through simple communication. Do not think that it is very simple. Hypnotist not only knows the technique, but diligently worked on myself, my own will and thinking. Conversational hypnosis allows you to obtain from a person any results: signing of the transaction of purchase of goods and much more.

How does conversational hypnosis

Initially, the hypnotist quickly identifies the type of a person. After a few minutes of communication he is able to remember the gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice and even the rhythm of breathing of his companion. He further seeks a "critical point" in a person's subconscious. This is done fairly easy, given that everyone is their own. Here is the result directly depends on the skills of the hypnotist. Through the "critical point", it disables the customer's mind, plunging him into sleep. Further works exclusively with the subconscious.

How to recognize a hypnotist

Today, almost every second inhabitant of the planet is familiar with NLP, hidden or conversational hypnosis. To recognize a professional is almost impossible, as he quickly gains your trust, but to calculate the newcomer would not be a problem. It will give you quiet, steady pace of the voice or, conversely, too fast speech (technique: "the overloading of consciousness with unnecessary information). Such a person is excessively closely follow your movements. If you suspect that you have an impact, then you need to start asking counter-questions, to escape to the environment and to arouse various emotions.