The advantage of learning hypnosis at home is that you set yourself a schedule, choose a convenient system of training and techniques of hypnosis. Fortunately, the varieties of techniques of hypnosis are many: it is Erickson hypnosis and hidden hypnosis, and Roma, forced, mental, sverhtotalny hypnosis, etc.
Learning hypnosis interfere:

- alcohol, nicotine, or other form of dependence;

- excessive consumption of stimulants (coffee, strong tea, alcohol, etc.);

- lack of confidence in their own strength;

- the irregularity of classes.
Qualities required for a hypnotist is confidence, restraint, self-mastery, the ability to limit the concentration of the will. All these qualities you can develop in the process of learning. The more you get, the more your confidence in your abilities, the more you develop self-control, concentration, willpower.
Books on hypnosis to date a lot.

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Remember that one theory is not enough. It is important to perform regular exercises for mastering hypnosis.

And yet - think about why do you need hypnosis? If you are motivated only by curiosity is unlikely to be a stimulus for the study of hypnosis, which is important to consistency and perseverance. If you want to learn how to manipulate people - you will bring harm first of all themselves. Large knowledge and skills is a huge responsibility.

Your desire should be applying their skills to the service of others and self-development.