The first year of the child enthusiastically goes to school, does her homework and enjoys new discoveries. But as a rule this period of inspiration ends at the second year of study. The load is becoming more and more and, if no action is taken, it is possible that the child will not be able to overcome all your desires and he will be a big problem with the study.

Very often, when there is such a situation, the parents are not trying to understand the problem and not trying to understand why the child is no longer a good student. It is fraught with scandals, shouting, punishments and separation of the child from the moms and dads in a very important life periods.

To understand the reason why a child ceased to reach for knowledge is paramount, that parents must do.

The reasons may be several:

  1. It is possible that your child just can't get along in the team. Maybe he teased, bullied or even beaten. Try to look at the environment, it is possible that the reason lies in this.
  2. There are times when a conflict situation arises between teacher and student. At the elementary school where the teacher teaches most subjects but this problem can be fundamental in order to recapture the desire to learn and attend classes.
  3. One of the major reasons lies in the subconscious of the child. Parents demanding good grades, good behavior and success in everything, often give the child installation to a complete rejection of negative results. Thus, a student can not cope with the idea that he doesn't understand something, and not to receive the two just do not go to school. Later, this problem turns from the disappointment in his indifference to everything that is connected with their studies.

Here are three main reasons why the child feels the school is not comfortable. The task of parents to find out what the situation most likely in their situation. In any case not to intimidate the child, yell at him and act emotionally. Act appropriately, hear it, and remember that throughout life, you're the most important friend and must appear in all situation of the child and to be able to resolve them.