The method of holotropic breathing, which refers to methods of self-discovery, transformation, and psychotherapy. To change consciousness , you can use its methods – heavy breathing, a special music and the suggestion of the leader. It has been used in modern psychology and psikhoterapevticheskijj breathing practices after the ban of LSD therapy in the United States. With his help, patients achieve stopping the internal dialogue, immersion inconsciousness. It gives people the opportunity to access and experience mental trauma that had been hidden in the depths of the subconscious, to experience life conflicts, and to liberate their consciousness from them.
Yoga, as a system of psychosomatic methods also helps to change consciousness. It contributes to mainstreaming, differentiation, correction and control of somatic and psychic structures of an individual through the system psychopractice. These practices lead to the unification of man with the Cosmos and Nature, the Supreme Absolute Mind, and expanded consciousness.
A change of consciousness is happening during meditation – transoortation condition, when the physical and spiritual body is completely relaxed, despite the fact that awareness is maintained. Meditative trance can be achieved with prayer, dance and concentration.
Sleep deprivation, which disrupted and no sleep can also lead to a change in consciousness. In this state the body is recovering from a deep depression. Deprivation is used for this purpose and in psychology.
Another method of changing consciousness is a lesson of extreme sports. A condition where a person feels on the verge of life and death, forced to change his mind as under the influence of drugs. It constantly pulls and pulls to repeat it.