Paranormal abilities are not given to people just. Before to receive them, you have to earn them, the universe must give you that. Some people have paranormal abilities from birth, someone is going through something extraordinary in their life and abilities come by themselves. In fact, paranormal ability is in everyone, they just need to be able to develop.
To develop in himself paranormal abilities necessary to perform special exercises to increase the energy field. Close your eyes, relax and feel the warmth in your body. Concentrate on the warmest and coldest place. Now try to warm the cold part of the body the force of his thoughts. Especially good to do this exercise in poorly heated place or in the street when you freeze. Once you are able to warm the body by thought, move on to the second exercise.
Close your eyes, feel your body, every part, every nerve, every muscle. Some areas of the body you are tense. Your task - to stretch those areas even more and then relax. The point of this exercise is to teach you to completely relax your body. Without this you will not be able to release themselves from the energy of manifesting paranormal abilities.
Now you need to sit comfortably or to stand up. RUB well palms, hands, fingers, so they become hot. Put your left hand on your tailbone, right on top of it. Concentrate all my mental energy into my hands, and sit so until then, until you feel pulsation and warmth in the coccyx. This is your life energy. This energy you can heal yourself first and then others. Breathe slowly, deeply, his hands to the coccyx do not remove, imagine how the ripple increases, it becomes warmer, the energy grows. Then this energy is going to clot and you send her to the body that needs treatment. The more you do this exercise, the stronger will become your life energy, your abilities.
Eliminate all negative words, thoughts and emotions. If you want to develop your paranormal abilities, you can't over communicate with negatively minded people - they "eat" your energy.
Be sure to learn meditation. it will help you to understand your body, learn to manage their energy.
Give up all bad habits, including overeating. Fully or partially abstain from meat products. Now you are forbidden everything that can harm your health and brings negative energy.
Raise the level of their physical development. Your joints and spine needs to be flexible. The spine is a rod, conducting the energy of the space.
Immerse yourself in yourself, your thoughts, feelings, emotions. Minimum conversation, minimum waste of time. Forget about watching TV all evening! Devote yourself to the meditation and improving your mind and body.