Seat the patient in front of him in a comfortable chair so that your eyes are at a higher level than the patient's face. The right hand take a man for the left hand by placing fingers on the pulse and your left hand put it on his right shoulder. Demanding and calmly ask the person to look you in the eye and relax, and then for five minutes, trying not to blink, look at the nose of the patient.
Speak calmly and clearly with the following phrase: "You feel exhausted", "You are sleepy, do not resist this desire, "Soon you will fall asleep, but sleep will be short and helpful for you, and Then you Wake up and feel the vigor in the body and a burst of good mood".
Saying all four phrases, but hand lying on the shoulder and on the pulse of the hypnotized, stand behind him and tell the patient closed his eyes. Move your hand over his eyelids up and down, and then wait 5 minutes and say several times: "Sleep! You were already asleep.
You can also use for dipping of a person in a state of hypnosis small shiny object, for example a metal ball or a mirror. Place the item before the eyes of the person in front of the nose, and then use a familiar phrase, hypnotizing the person. Shiny object located at the level of the forehead, will add up to hypnotic effect, as your patient will automatically reduce the sight at one point.
In order for the hypnosis was even more effective, the room should be observed corresponding to the atmosphere – turn on soft relaxing music, the lights do dim and bright, give your patient the opportunity to take a comfortable position in an armchair or on the sofa.
Phrase that you inspire to the person that he needs to sleep, speak in a calm voice, without any change of tone and without raising it, and the slower will be your words, the more effective will be the hypnosis. Don't forget to bring people out of hypnosis appropriate phrase that may be accompanied by cotton palms.