Be positive and believe that you can become a psychic. Any doubts and fears hinder the development of your abilities. Someone's stuff is faster, some slower, but everyone is able to develop a "sixth sense". It is not the privilege of supermen.
Become attentive. Focus on all your senses. Pay close attention to everything that happens around and within you, it will sharpen your ability to catch psychic signals.
Keep a journal to record dreams, visions, and thoughts, and most importantly any overlaps with your predictions. This will allow you to monitor your own progress in the development of psychic.
Practice in visualization. When you learn to use your psychic abilities, you will see some of the images and information like pictures in the mind. Exercises in visualization will help to correctly interpret coming to mind. One of the ways practice: look at the picture, close your eyes and try to see the picture in my head, where she was just before my eyes.
Find courses psychics, sign up for them. They can take from a few weeks to a year. During these sessions you will learn to develop extraordinary abilities, send in any special area of expertise. Think about passing a special seminar. The advantage of this form of education in its compactness, brevity. As a rule, the seminar consists of a 7-day course of lectures. Usually after a good school of psychics, a certificate of the courses.
Test your psychic abilities to not only develop them but also to test myself. For example, if you are sure that able to predict the future, start making specific predictions for yourself or someone close. If you believe you have mastered telepathy, practice on a friend, asking him to make a number, which you then guess. Record the results of your psychic test, to determine improvement in the growth over time.