The most common way to enter into trance – classic, with the help of mantra, proper breathing and visualization of the sun. Lie down on something solid to back was absolutely smooth. Clothing should not be close, interfere with or pressure – if necessary, change or undo buttons. Relax completely, don't move and don't think of anything. Follow the breath, but try to control it. On the inhale, say the mantra "C-o-o-o-o", and the output is "h-a-m-m-m-m". After a while you will feel as if falling into the abyss, you may be feeling numb. When the breath is aligned, repeat another mantra – "O-m-m-m-m". Imagine the bright sun on the eyebrows, try to see it as clearly as possible to a distinct yellow disk appeared before my eyes.
The following method was developed by Herbert Spingler, an American psychiatrist. It is a fairly simple method that can be used by beginners. Lie down or adopt another comfortable position to head on anything rested. Eyes lift upward to the ceiling, so they were tense. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for a few seconds, then slowly exhale. Lower eyelids and keep the breath. Repeat this process, but be completely relaxed. With this breathing, you can quickly enter the state of trance. To recover, focus on your breaths and open your eyes.
Sit comfortably, place your hands on your knees or arms. Look at your feet and try to feel that they are heavy. Rise glances at the body, imagining that each part of it gradually becomes soft and heavy. Feeling heaviness in the legs, move your eyes above. When you reach the chest, close your eyes and start to descend, heavy with his body. Feel the relaxation. At the end of this procedure, you should feel big and heavy stone monument, with this feeling comes the trance.
Put the music with the sounds of the African drum or other percussion instrument that sounds dull and clearly. Turn off the lights. Lie down with straight back, you can take refuge with a blanket. Close your eyes, concentrate on the rhythm. Try not to let the head of other thoughts merge with the music.
To determine that a person has entered the trance state can be on several grounds: no control over the body, before the eyes of float images, the perception of time is distorted.