First you need to meet all physiological needs, otherwise it can significantly distract and prevent easy entry into the state of trance.
It is also important to be a little fatigued, otherwise you can either just go to sleep – if you are tired, or not to relax (for example, in the morning when you are full of strength and energy).
Then you need to pay attention to the fact that you felt more or less comfortable. Take this situation in which the body part will become numb (sometimes much more comfortable to stay in a chair than lying on the bed). Disconnect all external sources that commonly cause irritation: TV, telephone, clock and so on. Don't forget to provide the room a normal temperature.
After all the above conditions are met, you need to try to just relax. Try to make your body as if asleep, but your mind was awake. Substantial assistance will provide relaxation and concentration. Relax your body as much as possible, while in no case do not lose consciousness. To achieve this state of thinking about something, but do not let the thoughts flowed abstractly and vaguely.
An excellent method of reaching the desired concentration is a way of looking at the darkness in front my eyes closed. But it must be fully aware of your intention to dive into a trance and allow the body to relax.
It is important that you maintain a conscious state. If you feel that you start to dream - you need to return to thoughts to the desired direction.
Simultaneously, there is relaxation of your body. At some point you will feel a feeling of heaviness in the whole body that usually indicates the maximum degree of relaxation.