As the source of reference time setting up hours you can use the time signals transmitted by radio, telephone service, the "Speaking clock", GLONASS, or GPS, receiver signal of the reference frequency, the NTP server.
The alarm element to adjust the frequency of the oscillations is a special lever on the back wall. Please install it first in middle position. Set the time on the selected reference source. Wait one day, then check on how to diverge the clock with the indications of the reference source, and in which direction. If the clock is lagging behind a bit, move the lever to the side marked as "have slowed down" if in a hurry - to the side labeled "SPEED".Again set the exact time, wait one more day, then repeat the operation, each time shifting the lever to a very small distance. In a few days you will be able to get a very accurate clock speed. Of course, periodically you'll still have to adjust his testimony, although much less than before.
Setting the alarm with the help of special device to test watches of a series of PPC is as follows. Insert the new paper machine drive, move the working hours to the microphone and start recording mechanism. After checking the disk should be a straight radial line. If it is curved in the direction corresponding to the slow work hours a little to accelerate, if the direction corresponding to the accelerated work - slow down. Replace the disk in the machine and recheck. Do this until until the disks start to get a straight line.
From pendulum clocks to regulate the oscillation frequency is used the nut on the end of the pendulum. To slow the progress slightly loosen the nut below the pendulum came down to speed up - screw slightly, so he climbed. The method of adjustment is the same as that for the alarm.Pendulum clockin addition to setting the oscillation frequency, adjustment of verticality. That is why they are mounted on the wall with a single nail or screw, not two. Criterion correctly selected the watch serves as a uniform course: the duration of any odd pauses between clicks must be equal to the duration of any even. If you do not configure this setting hours at the hearing, you can use a microphone and oscilloscope with a slow sweep and a great afterglow.