To set the time on the watch dial, you can scroll shooter, both forward and backward. Of course, it is better to rotate the arrow in the direction where there is less number of revolutions. But watch with calendar and other complex functions. Design, these watches are different, so it is best to consult on specific models with a representative of their manufacturer. If in doubt – their clocks forward. And calendar along with other complex time functions it is better to set only after setting the time.
The winding is carried out in two ways: by turning the head here and there or forward. The second way to use is preferable because it is less wear of the Cam clutch and winding pinion. Although it will be useful to crank out during the plant's head back. It is necessary to redistribute the lubrication mechanism.
Setting the calendar hours by hand, do not make sudden movements, so as not to damage the mechanism. These mechanisms are very delicate and at high speed are not calculated.
Watch factory should be started only in case of necessity. Most of these automatic watches does not need regular daily morning "power-up". If the spring is "machine" is fully wound, when you try to wind your watch manually it is possible to damage the mechanism, even though that is fixed on a special plate, the flywheel plays the role of brake pads and protects the mechanism of the plant from damage.
However, in the factory manual are still in need of even automatic watch. The fact that the periodic wind the watch helps to redistribute the grease in the winding mechanism and rubber seal head.
When you pull the head, do not apply with the same force. If you feel the resistance of her twisted head during her stretching, gently and smoothly. So you will be able to align the Cam clutch with the intermediate wheel and hand position. The head need to return too smoothly. If is not, also patrocinate it during the depression.
One last point: if you feel that the arrows are transferred with the work and hours became harder to get, means, the constant-force device your watch needs to be updated lubrication. The constant-force device is a device that is part of the clock mechanism, which includes nodes and transferring the winding of the spring.