You will need
  • - tweezers
  • - a thin awl
Prepare a workplace with which you need to disassemble the bracelet – it should not be nothing superfluous, and the place should be well lit. You will also need a few tools - tweezers and a thin awl or strong enough needle.
First of all, disconnect the lock. It is not necessary but makes the job easier. To do this, gently push the needle on the pin that connects the bracelet, and slide the lock to the side. Then repeat on the opposite side of the pin. Carefully remove the lock. Note - hold the connecting pin! It can be under the action of the spring to fly out and be lost.
Inspect the bracelet on one side of the bracelet, several links will be different. It is separable units, designed to fit the bracelet length.
Metal watch bracelets come in two basic types – punched and metal. Determine what species it belongs to your bracelet.
If your bracelet is stamped – locate the split link of the slit in the top of the link. Paste the awl and pull in the direction of in the direction of – have to pull the lock plate and the link to disconnect. Similarly disconnect the adjacent link (or several, if needed). Connect the bracelet.
To reduce the bracelet consists of metal links, much easier. They detach similar to a castle.
If you need to reduce the length of the bracelet unnecessary links should be removed on both sides of the bracelet, otherwise the lock can move to the side - it's not aesthetically pleasing, and it can spontaneously open in this position.
Then reinstall the lock.