You will need
  • the source of the flash or bright light.
Find hidden surveillance camera. This can be done with a special device that sets the source of electromagnetic radiation. Despite the fact that video surveillance technologies in recent years stepped far forward, even the most modern models of cameras can be detected by such a device.
You can order it online or buy at the radio store. It is best to buy equipment of high sensitivity is due to the fact that some models have a system of suppression of electromagnetic signal.
Find power supply CCTV cameras and the switchboard, then just turn off the power, using the appropriate socket switch. That's quite a long way, plus many modern models of cameras can be wireless, which also sometimes works against them is to detect the transmitted signal from the camera for wireless connection is quite simple. For its location, there are special devices that are available in shops of your city.
If you have just found the location of security cameras, highlight it using a laser source or flash, the computer will transmit image only white screen. For reliability, you can use the flash several times; this is also recommended if it is not bright enough.
Please note that you can use a regular flashlight or a mobile phone display with the included bright backlight and the other aimed into the lens light sources. Don't forget that after a certain period of time the camera can recover, and surveillance will be carried out in normal mode.