You will need
  • - a computer connected to the Internet.
  • - web camera;
  • mounted Mail Agent.
Run the application Mail.Ru Agent using the shortcut on the desktop or on the quick launch. Select "Menu", go to "Settings", then select "Voice and video". Configure the agent to communicate with the camera.
If the computer has one installed sound card, leave all settings unchanged. If necessary, select the desired device for sound playback, mixing and recording. To set the maximum microphone sensitivity, select the check box next to the option "microphone boost".
Go to the tab "Web camera" to configure the camera in the program Mail.Ru Agent. If the computer has multiple cameras, select the one that will be used by default. Check the box next to the option "Allow other users to find my web camera". Then you will appear in the search results by the presence of a webcam on the computer.
Make sure that your computer and your partner connected and set headphones/speakers, webcam and microphone. Connect to the Internet. To make and receive video calls in the program Mail Agent you need to install the latest version of flash player.
Right-click the mouse on the contact name from the list, select the option "Video call on the computer." In the case of an incoming call dialog window opens video. Also you may see a window where you must confirm the use of a web camera on a Mail Agent.
To do this, click on the button "Confirm". During the conversation, you can mute or unmute, remove or change the sound. To display the signal from the camera in a separate window, click the "Full screen". If the person sees you without interference, so you managed to correctly set up the camera on a Mail Agent.