Open the parameters dialog Skype. To do this in the main window, click the left mouse button on menu item "Tools", and then select the sub-item "Settings". You will see a window with various settings that you can change. Further, in this window you can make any settings.
Click in the left part of the window on the "video Settings". You will see a small window that shows the current view from the camera, its name and several parameters. You need to change only two settings: "Automatically receive video and screen sharing" (in some versions of the text may differ, but the gist remains the same), switching it to "no one", and setting "Show my video..." set to "no". Now the camera connected to your computer and used Skype will not. It may happen that you have installed an earlier version of Skype, then the disabling procedure will be somewhat different.
Activate the settings dialog again. In the left part instead of the "video Settings" is the item "Video device" for the newly released versions of Skype and "connection Settings" for versions, released over a year ago. In the first case, you will need to change the same parameters as in the case with the contemporary version of Skype (reminder: the text may differ, but only slightly), and the second only need to switch the option "Use web-camera" to "do not use".
Unplug the camera during a call by clicking on the icon of a video camera, if you want to make audiosonic one or more times, or a certain group of people. off of the camera when using the settings dialog makes it impossible to make video calls to all your contacts, then as a temporary or one-time disabling allows you to resume subsequent calls using the webcam.