You will need
  • - a device for suppressing signals;
  • - access to the Internet.
If for some reason you need to drown out the signals of the TV antenna, purchase a special device such overwhelming signals in a certain range. This is especially true for those whose neighbors are too loud watching TV at night, disturbing sleep and go about their business. Such devices can also be used for suppression of radio signals. After it begins to operate, the signal stops going to the antenna and the television viewing becomes impossible. However, in some cases, this is far from a way out, because your neighbors may be using different players that operate without the participation of television and radio signals, for example, DVD players.
Purchase in online store or in the sales points of electronics in your city a special device that suppresses a TV signal. For the most part it is a conventional control panel with several buttons.
If you can't find such a device in the store and are not able to order it over the Internet, order its production service centers, or simply at the city forum. Also if you have certain skills you can make one of our own, after downloading a diagram from the Internet. This is possible if you have experience with microcontrollers and radio.
If you want to make this device yourself, use the following sequence: There will be available and chip. In any case, the most effective way will always appeal to the police for violation of your neighbors to certain rules regarding the volume level after 23:00 hours.