Advice 1: How to disable the backlight in webcam

The backlight function is available in the webcamera, but it is quite a convenient addition that allows you to better illuminate the area near the camera, thus not blinding the user with a bright light.
How to disable the backlight in webcam
You will need
  • - web camera;
  • - software for it.
Locate your webcamera dedicated button on and off backlight. Some models also contain external button to adjust the brightness and color. Read her appearance, perhaps you need a button hidden on the back of the device or simply not visible at first glance.
If your webcamera has no external buttons settings, on and off the backlight, open the software installed with the device driver. Open the main camera menu and find the lamp switch. Also go into the configuration settings and try to find the item you need.
When using the webcam in any program on your computer, open its configuration and notice the presence of a team on and off backlight, as well as other similar items.
Open control panel and go to configure printers and other equipment. Select scanners and cameras. You will see a list of shortcuts equipment, click on the camera. You should then see the configuration wizard. Try to find the option to disable the backlight.
Download utility for additional device control computer, making sure that it is compatible with the hardware configuration of your computer. Such programs can be found on any torrent in system utilities that optimizes the use of the operating system. Many of them have an additional control panel devices, including cameras.
Reinstall the drivers for your device, if you can't turn off the backlight of the camera or you have any other problems with its use. Make sure that you are right, after reading the user manual that comes with the camera or download additional from the Internet.
Useful advice
Do not enable the backlight on the webcam, if the laptop is running on battery power.

Advice 2 : How to disable the bulb

Led indicators facilitate quick search in the dark for a light switch. They usually glow green or red light, depending on the power of the bulb, the light can be both weak and bright. The only disadvantage of such switches, the indicator light interferes with sleep, but if desired it can be disabled.
How to disable the bulb
Carefully using a thin screwdriver to remove the top panel of the switch, and then you will see a small light bulb, this is the indicator that glows when the light is off. First, I can turn off the meter to avoid electrocution.
The indicator is attached to two terminals. Disconnect one of them, after which the indicator lamp will not burn. You can completely remove the led. If not to damage the bulb, then if necessary it can be put back pripal soldering iron. In any case, the functionality of the switch is not affected.
Put back the removed panel switch, should be a "click" which will mean that the panel is securely fastened.
Useful advice
If you mind the light, but removing the led from the switch you don't want to, then just seal it with a piece of masking tape, then light emitted by the led will dim and cease to interfere with sleep at night.
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