You will need
  • Laptop web camera
On the keyboard all models of laptops have a Fn key. It is located in the left side of the keyboard next to the Ctrl key. It's a function key, and its name. Pressing this key activates additional functions of other keys on the keyboard. The value of these functions is usually marked blue, rarely another contrasting color. Function keys you can control the sound level, brightness, on / off switching of various devices, including a webcam. Locate the laptop keyboard, the symbol representing the web Cam. Most often, it is one of the keys from "F1" to "F2".
Pressing and holding the Fn key, press the key with the symbol of the webcam. On the screen appears momentarily the image of the crossed camera. The camera is off.
Disable the web camera and operating system. To do this, run the snap Manager products." To do this, open the Properties window from the context menu of "My computer". In the dialog that appears, locate the "Hardware tab" and click "device Manager". In the appeared tree list of all hardware devices, locate "imaging Device" and click on the "plus" sign, standing next to. By right-clicking on the name of your webcam, choose from context menu "Disable". Confirm the action in the query window by clicking "OK". Turn the device off.
If you want to just end the session video and there is no need to disconnect the device in the system, just close the window the control program for the webcam by clicking on the x in the upper right corner of the window or the button "terminate call" in the window of the client program.