You will need
  • - network switch.
Create a connection on a local network to connect to the remote camera. For this you need a special network switch. It is needed in order to create multiple connections. Take two cables with Ethernet connections, connect all of your devices.
Use the installation program. As a rule, it is included in the basic package. If not, download it from the Internet and install on your personal computer. Using this program determine the IP address of the remote camera. In consequence, you will enter it in the address bar of your browser or any other program.
Create a static IP address to then to remotely enable the camera. Open your web browser. In the address bar enter the IP address of the camera. Use modern browsers that support video streams, so as not to resort to the use of additional software.
Use a special program, if you want to connect to the camera, are you far enough away. To use a remote camera install on your PC WebCam Monitor 4.20 or WebCam Survevor 1.7.0. Using this software, specify the IP address you are interested in the camera. Then followed a fairly simple setup procedure. You only need to answer the questions that will be asked by the program.
If the installed program does not Russified, download crack, or use the translator to correctly rebuild software. You will then be able to use a remote web camera, if the use is legitimate and the administrator of the computer that is connected to this camera will provide you with the appropriate rights.