First of all, think about what could be potentially interesting to the observer? What the person most wants to see on the security footage? Next to the object or in the right room and should seek set the voyeur device. They can be anywhere, but most often - in the place where there is a power source and can be discreetly hold the wire. Check the cracks, sockets, lamps, ventilation, alarm clock, paintings, mirrors, etc.
If the device is CCTV installed by the professionals to identify their location may be relevant specialists. Carefully disguised wireless miniature camera to detect is problematic. Even if you find one camera, it does not mean that the house is not established then, several other devices. So you can contact the Agency for professional inspection of premises to detect hidden cameras and listening devices. This kind of careful inspection is particularly recommended to public and well-known personalities, as well as the people who use the services of domestic staff - housekeepers, maids, nannies, personal drivers, which may prove to be an instrument in the hands of criminals.
However, the specialist for the inspection of the premises will be expensive. If you do not have this opportunity or urgent need to contact a professional Agency, the best solution would be buying a detector for detecting hidden cameras in the rooms and the interior. This detector will help detect the location of the devices covert video surveillance lenses of any type, including a radius of 1 mm. the Cost of such a detector can be roughly 23000-30000 RUB.
Starting search for hidden cameras, turn on the detector and point it in the direction of the intended place of masking devices surveillance. If you are not familiar with the area (just moved in or are there for the first time), mentally divide it into squares and carefully check every square. It takes you not much time, but you can be sure that there are no devices covert surveillance.