External or internal? Once the camera is selected, it needs to be connected. Included with the camera is still and the monitor through which you view everything that the camera takes. Then you need to decide the place where cameras are installed.
And here it becomes important parameters: the height of the camera and the viewing angle. Heed to these parameters. After all, it depends on them the correct image. Locations selected? The installation starts.
Connecting cameras video surveillance is done using two cables - power and coaxial. Power has direct power supply of camera. Coaxial is used for transmission of clear images.
How to connect <strong>camera</strong> <b>video</b>
But you need to take into account the distance between the signal receiver and the camera. It is necessary that the received signal was of good quality.
How to connect <strong>camera</strong> <b>video</b>
To install and connect camera is easy, the main thing to remember about the rules when working with electrical appliances. Then the process of installation and connection will be entirely safe.