Video surveillance is a complex security system, which is organized on the basis of video and television equipment. It is used to ensure security on various objects of domestic and industrial nature of warehouses, offices, industrial premises, garages and Parking lots. The main advantage that you can make the installation of CCTV on their own, a low price - according to experts, it is possible to do everything three times cheaper than if you hire professionals.

Where to start

First you need to define those functions which should perform your alarm system. After you determine the location where you will place the sensors. It is important to correctly calculate the distance to the object, the possibility of night shooting, the image quality, which will transmit your camera, and whether you need additional lighting or not. In addition, at this stage you need to decide how many cameras you want to install, where and how the server will be installed to accumulate information and many other issues. Naturally, you need to decide how you will lay the cable.
Remember that the apartment is to install video surveillance at the same time simple and difficult. Easy because the area is small. Difficult because have to make repairs to seal the ceilings and walls after the cable.

Types of cameras

If you are going to install a CCTV system at home, take care of choosing the right camera. So, example, KEMRI, which is intended as security systems, are divided into several types:

Modular. It is inexpensive options that are perfect for both home and office. However, their low cost negative does not affect their quality. In addition, these cameras can be easily combined with the existing motion sensors, if fitted in your apartment. For example, in the case where you already use the alarm.

The dome camera. Can be both simple and complex, with a rotatable recording device. Usually performed such cameras in the form of a dome and are attached mainly to the ceiling.

Box cameras. Different such options that give the clearest possible picture. Often it is these specialists recommend to install in the apartments.

Camera for industrial facilities. It is quite powerful devices that require a certain skill setup wizard and used only in certain conditions (for example, where the stored high or low temperature (cold storage plant).

The installation of video surveillance system

Start the installation of the CCTV system by throwing it out of the package. As a rule, it includes:
- power supply unit with the necessary coupler;
camera and fastening elements, with which you will be installing;
cable to transmit video, audio signal, and to supply the whole system;
cord to connect to TV or computer;
- network cable.
To be able to view live video from cameras of video surveillance system, you will need to have an appliance - TV or computer - with cable VGA-VGA.

Secure the camera in the provided places with special screws or by cold welding. Before you will choose the method of fastening, be sure to carefully examine the surface on which you are installing the camera. For example, cold welding cannot be used on polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon, etc. Also, this method of attachment not provided for installing the dome camera in this case no options are used, only screws.
When installing the camera, make sure that they cover the room so that eliminated the possibility of approach to him through areas that do not fall into the camera lens. It is advisable to install the camera with the other.

If you use a method of cold welding, apply glue to the inner surface of the nozzle chamber - before doing this be sure to remove all protective film. Then set the camera to a specific place for her and a good squeeze for a couple of minutes by hand. After 10 minutes, after attach the bracket can connect directly lens.

Then wires connect the camera to the recorder. For this purpose, special wires and adapters. Then the entire system must be connected to the power supply. In some cases there are two blocks - for microphone and camera separately. Sometimes you have to hide the wires in the wall.
Alternatively, it is possible not to drill holes in walls to hide them in the wire. Just use special decorative boxes that are sold in any hardware store.

Then connect the recorder and the video input of a TV or monitor with a special cord. If a suitable cable is not included, you can easily purchase it in any store for the sale of electro-technical goods. If you plan to view video over the Internet, attach a special wire to the network. It only remains to connect the system to the network, and all it started working.

According to the reviews on the forums, such a system is an excellent protection of the home from uninvited intruders. In addition, such devices can be used and if you hired the baby sitter and you suddenly began to doubt, as she leads him in your absence. Home security system surveillance allows you to find peace and feel safe and protected.