You will need
  • Scissors, iron, sewing machine, fabric for Ironing, thread, pieces of knit fabric for appliques, lace, beads, buttons.
Create of your jackets, the jacket for a child. In the wardrobe is always boring knit thing. Wash it in hot water and rinse. Wool will shrink and become tighter knit. Lay the sweater on a towel, straighten and dry. Amperite hot iron (1300) through a damp cloth, to avoid waves. Take a break from crisp wool details jacket child. Children's jacket can also be upgraded. Nastavite the sleeves and bottom if they are short or spoiled spots. Pick up a knit suitable for the structure and matching color. Take out the strips for extension subject to bending at the joints. Shorten the sleeves and hem, cutting off from it strips of the intended length. Sew new details to the sleeves and bottom of sweater knitted stitch. Iron the new seams with hot iron through damp cloth. Decorate the junction with braid or embroidery. Hide big spot using the application. She looked harmoniously, when choosing, consider the color, size and theme.
Update stale knitted thing for more details. When failed to pick colors sweatshirts embroidery thread or beads. Place the embroidery on the neckline or on the chest to accent the color. You can decorate your dull and thin sweater. Change the neckline. Treat it and position on the neck embroidery, original ribbon, buttons or rhinestones. If fleece jackets stretched the hem and sleeves, then cut off the deformed part of the canvas. Choose the right structure and color knitwear or fabric, make some strips for the bottom and sleeves of the product. Insert new items to your jacket, amperite through a damp cloth. Decorate hemmed detail, observing all measure.
Sew sweater skirt girl. Fight back the sleeves, measure the desired length to accommodate bending at the waist. Mark a line colored edge stitching or sewing pins. Cut with scissors to the stitches, fold the edge and hem it knitted stitch from the wrong side. Thread an elastic band amparita skirt using a damp cloth with an iron on the "wool".