You will need
  • - Piece of fabric;
  • the pattern of your future products;
  • - dressmaker pins/weights;
  • - tailor scissors;
  • - tailor's chalk;
  • is a dry remnant.
Update, first of all, how much you will need knit for cutting. Place on the floor or on the table strip the width of your fabric, which is laid out for cutting. If the fabric width 1.40 m, you need to place the strip in 70 centimeters. Here on it and lay out your pattern.
Ensure that the thread direction is parallel to fabric. In any case, it is possible to find the best option to buy as little as you knit. Add 10 percent to the length of the cut, since the need and dekatirovka tissue.
Place the fabric on a smooth surface. It is desirable to have a large table with a width less than 80 inches and a length of 2 meters. It must be covered or covered with non-slip backing: blanket or cloth. There is another option – to cut on the floor. This even has advantages: you can lay out a large piece of fabric, in addition to Palace he will not be much to slide, as on an ordinary table.
Fold the knit in half wrong side out, so that the edge was to the edge. This is the best way, because you need only 1 paper pattern of all the details. Can also fold the fabric crosswise. It is, if it has a coupon on one side or the other notable features that underscore this situation parts.
Place the pattern on the fabric, given the preliminary layout, pinning her with pins. There is an option to pin down knit small weights, but it will be much harder. In any case, don't pin to the substrate! Mark chalk lines that you will cut. Don't forget to move the fabric all labels with patterns!
Proceed now directly to the cutting of the knit. A few words should be said about tool. Buy high quality tailor scissors if you have them. Suitable for beginners medium-sized universal scissors.
Keep all things paper patterns until, until you produce your thing. By the way, the pattern can be used more than once if it has not lost its quality. If after fitting you have made changes, take note of what exactly.