You will need
  • - passenger "Gazelle" minibus or other brand;
  • - driver's license with an open category D (yours or hired driver) .
Decide, intercity or urban fixed-route passenger transportation you want to do. Consult an experienced of taxi drivers or drivers of long-distance passenger vehicles, what are the disadvantages and advantages are in addition, and other means of transport.
Consider also the option of opening a new route. This of course will require more time and coordination in the administration and traffic police. For the new long-distance route need approval of the local authorities of municipal formation the starting and ending points of the route, as well as coordinating the administration of the bus station and bus stations.
Register your company as IP (individual entrepreneur), or LLC (limited liability company). To adequately evaluate the potential risks associated with registration. The PI is responsible to its possible lenders of their property, and OOO is the only risk in authorised capital (minimum amount of 10 000 rubles).
Get a license in the local office of the Ministry of transport. You will need to provide several documents:
1) statement of grant of license (this application must be spelled out: the name, organizational-the legal form and the location — for a legal entity, complete passport data for PI, type of activity, which intend to carry out);
2) copies of constituent documents and the document confirming the fact of entering of record about the legal entity in the Unified state register of legal entities, for individual entrepreneurs, a copy of the OGRN (state registration certificate);
3) a copy of the certificate on statement on the account in tax authority;
4) a copy of their driver's license or the rights of drivers who will work for you;
5) copies of documents confirming the passage of the appropriate certification by officials of legal persons responsible for ensuring traffic safety;
6) list of and information about cars or car;
7) receipt of payment of the cash fee for the license.
Decide the mode of working hours and the duration of the working day. Here please note the specifics of the route (urban or interurban) and temporary need in the transportation of passengers.