Federal law No. 80-FZ of July 2, 2005 reglamentary transportation of passengers on a commercial basis. In particular, the activities and organisation of the routetaxi tion. According to this law, currently subject to licensing commercial activities of the motor transport equipped for transportations more than 8 people.
To ensure that you receive a transport licence, you must comply with certain requirements. Namely:- to perform all required relevant regulations, standards and requirements;- to comply with the requirements of the rules of operation of vehicles;- your vehicle must belong to you by right of ownership;- to have a staff of IP of skilled workers, certified the traffic police.
You must apply for the license in the relevant municipality. Then proceed to gather the necessary documents. You will need:- notarized copies of constituent documents (Charter or articles of incorporation), certificates on the state registration as the individual businessman, the certificate on statement on the account in tax authority of documents on registration of "GAZelle";- certificate for road safety (original);- the payment order confirming payment of license fee (original).
After providing all these documents, you need to be patient. The procedure of registration license on time may be delayed up to 30 days, after which the licensing authority makes the decision. Together with the license you will be issued a license card for a period of 5 years, which should always be on the routeof Mr. taxi.
The main document is received! Now you need to make a new route. Such issues are handled by the Department of transportation of the city administration.