You will need
  • - a package of documents;
  • - equipped car;
  • - proven driving experience;
Before receiving a license to private carting, bring your car in compliance with the requirements of the new law. It must be the property owner or company. Purchase and install a taximeter, combined with the cash register. On the roof, attach a special lantern "taxi" is orange, and on the body, apply a checkered. Make sure your driving experience is not less than 5 years and you will be able to confirm.
Under the new law, taxi drivers are required to undergo inspection at least once in 6 months. If necessary, go through it. Think about where you will undergo a medical examination before each working day.
Register with the tax authority at the place of residence as an individual entrepreneur or any other form of legal entity. Open a Bank account and prepare the forms of receipts (if no cash register).
After all the preparatory procedures form a package of documents for obtaining the license. It includes: the application for obtaining a license, the list of rolling stock (even if it consists of one car) registration certificate with a mark about passage of THE passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, the certificate on registration of the legal person, a medical certificate, the contract for the Parking lot or proof of ownership of a private garage, contract for repair or service book in the car, copy of driving license with experience of at least 5 years.
Submit the collected package of documents to the authority Rostransnadzor and instead get an inventory of accepted documents. Within 30 days the employees of this Department will take a motivated decision on granting a license. At the end of the 30-day period report to the authority personally or send your representative with power of attorney for a license.