You will need
  • - business plan;
  • - registration documents;
  • office;
  • - furniture and office equipment;
  • - radio and checkers;
  • - employees;
  • advertising.
First we need to register with the tax authorities. You can become an individual entrepreneur or to organize a legal entity. To open a city taxi is not necessary in obtaining a license to carry. This point greatly simplifies the procedure of business organization.
Even before the organization of the taxi company to write a business plan. Calculate all your expenses and incomes on the basis of analysis of the market and your competitors.
Pick the office that will be head radio and the dispatcher. It can be placed absolutely anywhere, even in the living room. The main thing to take there incoming shift and leaving work drivers.
Purchase all the necessary equipment. You will need a minimum set of office furniture for Manager, walkie-talkie, checkers, office equipment. Necessarily a telephone and mobile numbers of different operators.
Hire the staff. You'll need a few controllers that will work in 3-4 shifts, and drivers with private cars. With taxi drivers you need to sign the contract in accordance with which you will act as the agent, and charge Agency imagination. Of course, you can make them work-book, but you have to keep them for settlements with tax Inspectorate, pension Fund and other government entities.
Develop a price list for your services. It is advisable to have your taxi company is not limited to passenger transportation. To withstand tough competition on the taxi market, it is necessary to provide customers with a full range of services: cargo transportation, courier services, delivery of food orders, meeting at the airport and at the station, the service "sober driver" and others.
Inform your potential customers that you're open. The most difficult is to attract new customers and convert them into the category of permanent. This requires that your opening was loud and excited. Perfect large discounts for first customers, an offer with a drawing of valuable prizes. Do not forget about advertising. Use all the possibilities: print media, local TV and radio, Internet, flyers, business cards in cafes, clubs, hotels, etc., outdoor advertising at stations and other public places of the city.