You will need
  • - trucks (made up of several units of vehicles);
  • - an office equipped with convenient access roads;
  • several logistics-freight forwarders in the state of the company;
  • - base of carriers (in case if you don't have the resources to complete the order);
  • - drivers to work on their own cars company.
Evaluate your capabilities and figure out what trucks are you able to form at an early stage. The creation of a major transport company is impossible without the acquisition of at least a dozen trucks of different sizes under the leasing scheme. If you do not have the means to create such a Park, limit until several machines, and do focus on forwarding services.
Rent office space in a location with convenient access to roads, better on the outskirts of the city. There should be multi-line phones and Internet-connected computers. Find one or two dispatchers-logistics (well, if their database of carriers) that will work for you under the scheme "small salary + a percentage of the payment order."
Pick a few drivers to work on their own cars to your new transport company. With the expansion of the Park, the problem of finding driving personnel will rise more sharply for firms that provide services for the delivery of goods, this is always a challenge. Better to develop for themselves a technique of checking the "reputation" of drivers who will take to work.
Start looking for customers, plan for this promotional campaign and tools, which will promote your firm. More effective means to find a customer for the carrier is the Internet. It is advisable not only to create a page of your company, but also to use the electronic exchanges of goods, which in Runet there are many (both regional and Federal).