The first way to earn money with the help of a van to work on orders. After all, the minivan may be required for people in different life situations, from moving to a new place of residence and ending with the transportation of guests during weddings. Also recently gaining popularity, the use of vans for travel on holiday: the sea, the resort or abroad.

Advertise your services in Newspapers and on the Internet, on message boards and wait for calls. They will be.
The second way - arrange to work in a city fleet, and by registering your van as a taxi, transported passengers on a given route. Minus of such work is that part of your revenue (not less than twenty percent you will have to pay the employer. However, the advantages of such work are also indisputable: it's a guaranteed stream of passengers, and formal employment with contributions to the pension Fund and insurance of your vehicle.
The third way to make money on the minibus, transporting people from home to work and back. Contact the company where many people offer to pick up the staff after work and driven home.

Also there are people who commute to work, located in the city, region or suburb. They will be happy to have a permanent driver who will ensure their uninterrupted delivery there and back, even if it will have to pay.
The fourth way - take your van rental transport or tourist companies, and make profit for his hire. However, in this case you will risk the car, trusting it to other people, so be sure to insure the van before you pass it to rental use.