In order to obtain a license for the carriage of passengers, contact the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of transport. The license period is 5 years, at the expiration of this period refer to the license renewal. However, please note that the validity of the license card for each bus is 1 year. Licensed vehicles you can get. Even if the transport is not in your property, but simply rented.
In order to obtain a license for passenger transportation, assemble articles of organization, namely: Charter, certificate of state registration of the legal person, the certificate on registration of the legal entity with the tax authority, certificate of registration in the register about the legal entity (for companies registered before 01.07.02 g), an extract from the Unified state register of legal entities, the decision on appointment of the head of the organization, changes and additions to the Charter of the legal entity name and certificate of registration and lease agreement the actual address of the enterprise, the documents to responsible person. This includes: the employment book (employment contract), a certificate of professional competence in the field of road transport activities and certification for road safety
Prepare documents for drivers who will provide transportation. Prepare the following: medical certificate, driving license and employment history, as well as documents that will confirm the experience of the driver of category "D" not less than 3 years.
The complete documents for transportation, namely, insurance policy, ticket the GTO, the vehicle passport, vehicle registration certificate, in case the bus is rented, prepare the passport data of the owner or the rental agreement.
In addition, prep and other paperwork. Information on the Manager of the organization, its chief accountant responsible for the transport of the person, also prepare information about the organization, which will include Bank account information and all contacts. In addition, prepare a contract for Parking of vehicles (attach address Parking and a paid receipt), the contract between you and the company that will carry out pretrip medical examinations of drivers (attach a license to conduct such), maintenance contract transportation (attach a copy of the certificate of conformity).