You will need
  • - constituent documents of the organization;
  • - transport documents;
  • - lease agreement;
  • - banking details, contacts.
Collect all of the founding documents of the organization that is going to open a license for the transportation of passengers. In the list of such documents includes:
- the Charter of the organization, as well as various changes and additions to this document, their number and the certificate of registration;
- certificate of state registration of the legal entity;
- a document from the tax authorities, attesting to the formulation of the legal entity on the account;
- certificate of entering of record about the legal entity in the register (only required for those organizations that were registered before 1 July 2002);
- extract from the state register of legal entities;
- the decision, saying the appointment of the head;
- an agreement confirming the actual address of the enterprise, as well as rental vehicle (if the transport is leased);
- identity documents of the responsible person and confirming the fact that the person is responsible (work-book and the contract of employment, photo identification, proof of professional activity in the field of vehicles, certification and safety passport).
Prepare all the documents for the drivers who carry out transportation of passengers. In the package of such documents include driver's license, medical certificate, employment history, contract of employment and proof of driving experience under category "D" (not less than 3 years).
Prepare all transport documents (the insurance policy. technical passport, ticket, GTO, the registration certificate of the vehicle, the rental contract) and passport data of the owner of the bus (in the case of a lease).
Gather documents that contain information about the organization of the chief accountant, responsible for the transport and information about the head. Print your Bank details and all contacts of the company.
Complete your contract for Parking of vehicles, the contract concluded between the passenger and the company which will produce the examination of drivers before flight, as well as the contract for maintenance of buses and copies of the licenses (certificates) for the right of implementation of these activities by organizations with which contracts are signed, attach those documents and all of the paid receipt.
Contact the Federal service of Russia on supervision in the sphere of transport by providing the list of collected documents.