For a start, collect a few routes that you like and that meet your requirements. Selection criteria can be multiple: a large flow of passengers throughout the day, a good, comfortable road, the end point of the routeand near your home, and many others.
Find out who the data owners routes. Go to them and see if you put a bus on the route. If the answer is positive, then the next question to learn about the value of such services. Usually, this fee is several tens of thousands, and illegally, on "paw".
Go to the drivers on this routee and try to learn from them how things are going with passengers, the earnings from servicing and repair of vehicles. Can pretend to be the driver who is looking for a job, then they more likely will tell you the details. It is important to know what portion of the profits goes to them in your pocket: a percentage of sales or a fixed amount.
Analyze the obtained information, decide whether you actually get involved in it, will bring you the income, or on the contrary will drive into debt. If still your answer is positive, then the next step will decide whether you do to work as a driver or will it be the employee. Also take care of the jobs of the conductor, the safe bet is that if this post will take your wife or good friend.
Get ready because you will have to straighten out the license to pay taxes, to carry out costly repairs. If you want to buy a route, it is better to refuse this idea. This is the subject of wars, intrigues, fights, huge bribes and tenders. This requires not one bus, but several, and preferably ten vehicles. Need time to people accustomed to the new routeand willingly used them.