Before starting the registration of the club, decide what goals and tasks he will perform. And also solve questions with financing, receipt and distribution of profits from the activities of the club, if the income, of course, planned. Depending on the intended activities of the club can be registered as a nonprofit or as a for-profit organization.
To create a non-profit organization hold a General meeting of the members of the future club, which must accept the Charter and sign the Foundation agreement. Then write a statement on the state registration according to the form RN 0001, attach adopted bylaws, articles of incorporation, minutes of the meeting on taking the decision to create a car club, a letter of guarantee on granting the organization's premises and a copy of the payment of the state fee. Hand over the collected package of documents for registration of the club in the regional branch of the registration chamber under the Ministry of justice.
Registering the club as a nonprofit organization, please note that despite the fact that according to the law of NPOs (nonprofit organizations) for their livelihoods are allowed to do business, have quarterly to document that the profit was used exclusively for the development of the club. Otherwise you may have serious problems, and made the decision on liquidation of the NGO. Therefore, it is often easier to register the club as a normal commercial organization, such as OOO.
To register the club as an LLC decide to start with the organizational aspects (how the club will be the founders, what is the value of the share capital, the planned activities and the taxation system). After that, collect the documents needed to register your club in the tax office. Write an application form Р11001. Please note that the applicant's signature must be notarized.
Please include the minutes of the meeting of the founders (or decision of the sole founder of the club), Charter, proof of payment of registration fee, a list of members. If the company of 2 founders, you will need another Treaty on the formation of society, as well as a statement about the registration body a copy of the Charter with a stamp of the authenticity of the document. All documents print, sew, sign and submit to the tax office. After a week, you will receive the certificate on the state registration of a legal entity and start working.