You will need
  • The documents and receipt of payment of the state fee.
Before you obtain a license for transportation, decide whether you are going to deal with this issue personally. Special difficulties such event is not, however, a certain amount of time for gathering and completing the necessary documents, submitting them to the licensing authority, have to spend. Today, therefore, many private firms are offering to take the trouble on obtaining a license for transportation for a certain monetary reward.
In order to obtain a license, complete the statement on its results, which will reflect the personal details of the person and the activity which the individual entrepreneur wants to obtain a license. Attach to the application a copy of the certificate on registration of the businessman, the certificate on statement on the account in tax inspection, and also documents confirming the declared vehicles and the qualifications of the persons who are to serve them. For legal entities will also need copies of constituent documents and information about entering the necessary information in the Unified state register. Copies of documents are provided only in the case when they are notarized. Without such assurances from them requires the originals.
Pay the appropriate license fees, the amount of which is established by the Law "On licensing separate types of activities". To pay it will have two amounts: for filing the application and for the license in the case of a positive decision.
One of the frequently asked questions - where to obtain a license for transportation? Responsible for issuing this document, the Ministry of transport. In every village there is a transport inspection, the separation which must bring the collected documents. They are considered within a month.