You will need
  • cars;
  • - office space;
  • - the staff;
  • package of documents for obtaining a license.
If you plan to do passenger transportation, register at the territorial tax service as an individual entrepreneur. For an extensive business, reaching more than 50 employees, you will need to obtain a certificate of registration as a legal entity.
The most profitable to carry passengers in a minibus with a large number of seats. For this you will need to purchase passenger vans or cars the Gazelle. In the presence of the vehicle more than 8 passenger seats your drivers must have a license with an open category "D". Trust personal cars best drivers with experience, so the selection of staff attitude very seriously.
To obtain a license for passenger transportation in the territorial Department of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of transport. Regardless of whether you want to use private taxi or rent a car to get the license, you need to:

- constituent documents of your company (Charter, certificate of IE or LE, an extract from egrip or register, the lease of office and garage Boxing, the passport of the General Director of the company, the authorization, if obtaining the license is drawn by a notary Trustee);
documents for drivers (driving licence, medical certificates, employment record book, confirming experience in passenger transportation for at least three years);
- the insurance policy on each vehicle;
- pass the TRP;
- the passport of technical means;
- certificate confirming the registration of technical means in the traffic police authorities;
- rental agreement if you plan to work in a leased vehicle;
- details of the Bank with whom you have a contract for services;
- contract with licensed health care employee who will conduct a pre-trip inspection all drivers;
- the contract with the technical center.
The license is issued for a period of 5 years. After this period of time you will need to extend, presenting a fresh package of all of these documents.
Don't forget that currently, according to the decree of the RF government, all taxis and buses must be equipped with the Russian navigation system GLONASS and tachographs, which will help keep track of the time spent travelling, the speed with which moved public passenger transport. Failure to follow rules will result in a huge fines. The cost of equipment does not exceed 70-100 thousand rubles.