Advice 1: How to write a report

The report is a written or oral report of a special form when referring to the leadership (chiefs), primarily during military service. Be aware that the report has a specific form of a literary work, its design requires deep knowledge of the areas in which the report is based. To write a report is not difficult, the main thing - to adhere to a strict procedure.
How to write a report
You will need
  • To determine the essence of the report;
  • To learn more information;
  • Paper A-4;
  • Handle.
In the upper right corner and fill in the data: who the report is addressed and from whom, indicating the position, surname, name and patronymic.
In the middle write the title, in this case – report.
Red lines describe the essence of the report (it can be both a progress report and a report on the performance of the assigned obligations).
The report ends with the obligatory condition is the date (day-month-year) and signature. The document is ready.
Avoid when writing report (report) of exclamation and interrogative sentences. Remember: the report is written in narrative form of presentation.

Repeatedly check your grammar and punctuation of sentences, errors in these papers are not welcome.
Useful advice
Remember: the main goal of this document is to provide information on certain issues in oral or written form.

Try to present the subject matter dry, scientific language, given that the report is an official document, it is not necessary to clutter it with unnecessary information.

Be sure to check the accuracy of the report's issue, the official document can serve as proof.

Do not write the document from a third party, make a report in the first person.

Advice 2 : How to write a progress report

Joke about the fact that sometimes difficult to report on their work than performing it has a good reason. On how to write such report, the person who will read it may gain a clearer picture not only of the results of your work, but also about your business qualities. To he was not disappointed, it is necessary to competently and correctly write the report on the done work, knowing the basic requirements that predyavlyat to him.
How to write a progress report
Operational reporting has a different frequency and, consequently, should have different content. If you write a weekly or monthly report, in which your activity should be reflected in great detail, since they are designed for operational control. In the report for the quarter reflected the main indicators and analysis activities with the reasons hindering the work, if any. In the annual report – key results, assessment of their dynamics from the previous annual period and the forecast for the next year.
The report form can be arbitrary but the information structure is homogeneous. For clarity, use a tabular form of presentation, designed, if necessary, charts and graphs. The language of the report should be business, presentation is concise and clear. Its volume should not be large, be able to briefly explain the facts, take the time of the person who will read it. I think that he will be able to rate it highly.
In a weekly or monthly report reflect only the work performed and provide digital indicators of your work. In that case, if there is a significant difference in performance compared with the previous reporting period, make the analysis of this phenomenon and specify the reasons why this could happen.
Not to forget the fact that you managed to do for the day, spend 5 minutes writing a daily report, recording all their Affairs. In this case, the writing of the final report will not take you much time and will not pose any difficulty.
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