Advice 1: How to write a report on the translation

A report on the translation is a document that contains an employee's request about moving him to another position. This can be a transition to another structural unit or improvement. The reports usually are compiled by state authorities, with a strict hierarchical structure, for example, in law enforcement. In the civil orientation of the transfer of an employee is initiated by writing the statements.
How to write a report on the translation
Rules of compilation of reports by Russian legislation is not regulated, but their writing is subject to the General rules of registration of procedural documents. Start writing a report need fill in the details ("cap"). To this end, on the right side of the sheet enter the details of the head of the body (position, name, rank), which it subsequently will be sent.
Next, indicate the name of the compiled document, "Report." Then follows the text itself, it can be written in free form, as long as the text is logically designed and did not contain spelling errors. For example, it might look like this: "In connection with the vacant position (specify position) asking You to implement my rendering, freeing me from previous posts (all posts)". The request may specify the reasons for which must be made for such translation, for example, moving to another region for permanent residence.
Lower left edge of the sheet to fully enter the post, on the right edge the surname and initials (they should be at the same level). Then, sign the report, date of its compilation.
Submit a report to the head of your business unit. He personally is to do it an inscription stating that he consents to the transfer. Then a report is passed to the head of the personnel Department for execution. Based on it, and submitted the transfer order, and is the transition itself.

Advice 2 : How to write the correct order

The current economic activity of any enterprise is accompanied by the need to issue the orders. The order is signed by the head of the organization or the person who performs the duties of the head under the power of attorney or order. The orders govern all spheres of activity. Their content can refer to relations with the workforce, contractors, paperwork, disciplinary actions and rewards. To write the order, it is necessary to follow a clear structure.
How to write the correct order
Specify details of the order — the sequence number in register, date of publication, legal form and name of organization.
The preamble of the order provides a description of the events preceding the order, that is the reason why you want the publication of the order. For example: in connection with conduct of organizational and staff measures; to conduct the acceptance of the goods under the contract.
Descriptive part order must contain the required disclaimer. Here, specify the law or other legal act underlying the orders. This can be the article of the labor code, law "On limited liability companies , Law On accounting . In order to refer to the local regulation of, or Provision for payment of labour, collective agreement.
Specify the administrative action of the head: command.
In the operative part of the order, list the steps necessary to implement this order. In this part you need as specific as possible to indicate what the official must do a particular action: to calculate, to draw, to take. It is advisable to determine the time to perform these actions.
The final part of the order must contain the signature of the Director.
Acquaint under a list of employees to which the implementation of the order. This must be done within three days.
The original orders shall be stored for 5 years. Personal files of employees, including orders for admission, discharge should be kept 75лет.
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When an organization documents with unexpired retention period are transferred to the city archives.
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