Make a cap memo. Write in the upper right corner of the data destination, i.e. on whose name you write a note indicating the position, surname and initials. There may be one destination (Director, school administration) or several (Director, Deputy Director on educational work, the acting Deputy Director for educational work). Enter your title, surname and initials.
In the middle of the sheet, specify the document type in capital letters (MEMORANDUM) and in the next line (as a note). Example: a MEMO about the lack of student 9 "a" class U. N. Terekhov. Next to the document later will fill out its incoming number and filing date.
In the first half of the text of the Memorandum in detail describe a situation showing the names, date and time of the incident. Because a memo is one of extreme measures, describing the specific situation you can rely on the diary class teacher on educational work (whether similar violations in the behavior of the student (date and witnesses), what steps have been taken by the class teacher (interview, deprivation of privileges, the message to parents about the behavior, etc.) already discussed whether learner-teacher Council, parents ' meetings on the same occasion).
The second part of the report is intended to present insights, suggestions, requests to address this situation. For example; prepared a memo about the failure of the lesson learners; describe in detail the actions and your actions in the classroom; make a conclusion about your preparation to teach other students and invite the school administration to take action in relation to the behavior of boys disrupt the lesson.
Put the date of the note in Arabic numerals on the left side of the sheet, the signature and its transcript on the right.