You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • computer;
  • printer;
  • - fountain pen.
In HR administration has its own strict rules, the violation of which is fraught with employer sanctions by regulatory authorities. Formally, the statement of the employee's transfer should serve as the basis for an appropriate order, and that - to write in the work book.Such records is interested the employee if they won't confirm the position, referred to them in summary, it can be difficult when searching for a new job. After all, there are reasons to decide that people just embellished his experience to submit yourself in a more favorable light.
In practice, a significant change in your career, especially if they are associated with a promotion or the opportunity to do more interesting tasks, preceded by a verbal agreement with the boss.
In some companies, HR formalities are neglected, especially in small business. And some may simply not know how to do everything. Small business because small that can not afford a huge staff of lawyers, accountants, specialists on work with personnel. And in large enterprises there are nuances.
A competent worker who knows how to make all in such situations as it is impossible by the way.
Any statement begins with "cap". The first two lines usually correspond to the name written statement.
The decision on transfer of the employee takes the head of the company, then use him.
In the first line write the position (Director, CEO, President, etc.), the second with initials.Now two lines for yourself, a loved one, one for posts, one for surname and initials.
And underneath all the small letters on the page have the word "statement".
Now on to the informative part. Write on a new line: "Please transfer me..."
If the transfer is within the same structural units of the company, is sufficient to indicate the new position. For example: "... the position of senior sales Manager.If we transferred from one unit to another, and specify the Department, which from now on will have to work (Department, branch etc.), and the position there will take. Well, let's say: "Forgive me transferred to the office in the Ryazan region for the position of regional representative".
That's all. Don't forget to put down the date.
If the statement were written by hand, put the signature. If the computer printing to the printer, sign and refer to the personnel Department (or other division (which is responsible for its functions) or admission - depending on how it is accepted in a particular company.