Download blank standardized form of an order of termination of the employment contract with the employee on form T-8. If dismissed some people need a unified form T-8A. Complete the document form by hand or on the computer.
Enter the sequence number of the document and the date of the order. In the line "to Terminate the labor contract", write the number and date of the employment contract, which was concluded with the employee.
Write in line "to fire" the date of dismissal (the last day of work). Complete the rows "name", "structural division", "position", field "personnel number".
Correctly fill line "the grounds for termination (cancellation) of the labor contract (dismissal), the entry must contain a link to the article of the Labour Code corresponding to the reason for the termination of the employment contract. Examples of records:
- "at his own request, article 77 (article written in figures), the first part (the part number is written as text), item 3 (item number - digit) of the Labor code of the Russian Federation (written on the line below)";
- "by agreement of the parties, article 77, paragraph 1 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation (written on the line below)".
Specify in the line "Base" name, number and date of the original document, for example, write "the statement on 10.03.2012" or "agreement about termination of the employment contract №1 dated 10.03.2012".
Sign the form the supervisor and employee become familiar with the document. Dismissed employee is obliged to sign the order, indicating the date of the last day of work in the organization. Make a record of the order in the book of registration of personnel documents.
Arrange on the basis of the order record in the employee's personal card (form T-2), workbook, make a "Note-calculation at the termination (cancellation) of a labor contract with the worker (dismissal)" on form T-61. Give a copy of the order and the note-calculation of the bookkeeper on wages.