Some types of applications, for example, the granting of leave or dismissal, written exclusively by hand, and, for example, a lawsuit can write yourself, but you can print.
Anytime a statement starts with the so-called "cap", which is located in the upper right corner – in the first line indicate the position, surname, name and patronymic, who is the addressee of the statement. In the second line, write your details: name, surname, position in the genitive case.
Then in the middle is written the name of the document "statement" in small letters. You should now proceed directly to the text of the document. So, if you need to write a statement on a vacation, start with the words: "Please give me another vacation with "the number.a month.year" by "number.a month.year." If you take a vacation at their own expense, add the phrase "leave without pay". Under the text on the left side put the date on the right – his signature.
You have decided to quit my job. Fill out the application same as above – write to whom it is addressed and from whom. Hereinafter, a document name "statement". Red lines specify the request: "I Ask to dismiss me from the post (specify the reason) such number". Below put the date and personal signature on the right.
And how to write a statement to the court? Take this as a serious question - how you will make this document, may depend on the outcome of the case. First, you need to specify the name of the court where you are applying. Then, write your details – name, surname, patronymic, address, the name of the Respondent and his address. Next, you should specify the reason of submission of the application to the court. As much detail as possible, specify all violations of your rights and the grounds for the suit demands. Describe the nature of the business, but at the same time be concise. Also in the statement you will need to Express their demands. Base them on the law. Stated in the lawsuit and amount requested by the plaintiff. Then, write a list of documents that you must attach to the application, date and signature.