Report on annual vacation written to the commander of the military unit, and indicates the start and end date of the vacation.
If a vacation for some reasons need to be transferred to another period is specified in the schedule of the next holidays, the report must submit two weeks prior to the specified in the schedule of vacation. To write that vacation you want to transfer specify for how long and why it had to be done.
For the provision of vacationat their own expense report should be submitted at least two weeks in urgent cases in one day.
Conscripts can provide a vacation for 10 days, not including travel time. Report need to submit the name of the commander of the unit, to indicate the reason and attach a document certifying respectfulness of the reason. This can be a serious condition of the parents or persons in Loco parentis; death of close relatives; the birth of a child; disasters befell the family or close relatives; other justifiable reasons.
In all cases, the unit commander puts a resolution granting a vacationand or abandonment. If the refusal to grant leaveand, his need to argue.
Vacation is calculated based on the average amount of salary over 12 months.