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  • So, to write a letter to the army, you must comply with some mandatory rules:
WRITE ONLY POSITIVE. No bad news for the guy to not have regardless of whether something happened or not. Even if his girl is walking left to right, or smashed in a car accident a friend – let everyone know in the civilian world. While the soldier is away from home, there is a number of weapons and no close – this news represent a great danger for him and can lead to very sad consequences (escape, suicide, crime).
How to write a letter to the army
EMPHASIZE ITS IMPORTANCE TO US. Half the letters have to form words about how much I miss family guy waiting for his return home healthy and strong that a native hard without him, but everyone hold. It is desirable to remind that all are proud of him, because he is home, doing his military duty.
How to write a letter to the army
INTERESTED. Do not forget to be interested in everything that is going on with your soldier: how's his health, not cold there at the barracks, as relations with colleagues, etc.

Being in a new environment, with new people, it can seem that nobody wants it, so it is important, following the rules, to show how his love and expect him to have even doubt this arose! In this case, a year can wait for my grown-up and matured soldier!
How to write a letter to the army