Determine the style of writing letters. You can refer to the task of writing letters to the teacher not only with seriousness and responsibility, but also with humor. If the reason for the presentation of credentials is not official, it is possible to make the text humorous character or find ready in the Internet.
The diploma is drawn up in a certain way and must contain the following information in a specific order: name of the recipient, which is awarded, issued, signature, date of issue, seal or name of the organization or full name of a private person.
If the diploma is awarded for public services, then pay attention to the nuances. For example, the text should not contain words and phrases that indicate a particular industry. In General, these letters have a fairly standard text: "For achievements in work and significant contribution to the development of the education system".
Depending on the occasion of the presentation of credentials, you can come up with a style. The design of the certificates is determined after the written text. Some specialty selected drawings and frames. You can develop a common style or to preserve the solemnity and uniqueness with the frame.
Develop a letter using the program "photo Editor", "Photoshop" or Microsoft Office Word any year. In such programs, you can choose a design, draw many elements, insert text, choose font style, choose the color and format of certificates.
The last time the growing popularity of the style handmade. Can I use this to show the talent of needlework. Creative shopping you will find everything you need. Create an original frame. It can be from any available materials. The text of the letters print on plain cardboard and insert it into a finished work of art.
Diplomas are the official style. It is better not to use creativity and take the form of a booklet with hard cover and seals of the institution.