You will need
  • Form premium sheet
Prepare a special form. Premium sheets can be bought at the office supply store or made to order, as long as they looked cool and drew attention to themselves. Colorful and beautifully designed samples are the best option for the expression of gratitude and respect. Should not be regarded as an alternative it's a Xerox of printer premium sheets. Savings are questionable, and the company's reputation in the eyes of employees can seriously impair.
Prepare the ink for filling. Of course, it is not necessary to write thanks manually, it is easier to print machine. The only condition: the text must look good. Carefully and with a soul filled with premium leaf will bring the desired effect. Scribbled a few lines is able to create a bad impression. If your supervisor has good handwriting, then the best option would be if he himself will fill in the form.
Make any text. In principle, it is possible to successfully use the final version is a much easier task. However, it should be specific activities, in order to prevent fatal errors. It is not clear if among the beautiful rows will creep information not corresponding to reality in relation to a company and a specific employee.
Fill out the form. It is possible to rely on samples of premium sheets, which were given previously, or to draw the appropriate options from the Internet. Generally, the main text is written in the middle. It is possible to use fit to width, rarely used, left and right are usually ignored. Before the main text is written the name of the employee jointly with the appeal of the type "dear (Aya)" although this attribute may be omitted. In the end you must put the company seal and signature (or just signature). Thus, a premium sheet receives the status of an official document.