In order to properly make your own letterhead, you have to endure some of the requirements. Learn more about these requirements by reading the GOST R 30-2003, which reglamentary documents of this kind. However, this standard is recommendatory and not mandatory. Therefore, to decide which requirements to follow and which not, you are free.
To make your own letterhead, put in front or open in a text editor on the computer a blank sheet of A4. Mentally divide the sheet into three parts, and the upper third is further split in half vertically. In the left top part of sheet fill in the following information:
• The logo and name of the organization;
• Bank details, address and contact details
• Leave blanks in places to fit the handle date and number of the document.
The upper right part of the signature Blanca is designed to specify the recipient. The person-the addressee is written together with the name of the organization in which he works. The name of the organization indicated in the nominative case and the receiver is in the genitive.
Below is the main text part of the letter. Don't forget to format text, check it for errors, to justify and put indents from the beginning of the red line. After the main part put down signatures of the persons on whose behalf a letter is sent stating their positions and full names.