You will need
  • - handle;
  • Notepad.
Examine carefully the remote buttons and the front panel of the TV. If possible, read the manual to your model and find out about the possibility of remote configuration. You should also review the control scheme menu settings of your TV; most of it is the same for most models, but there are exceptions.
Open the menu edit channel list. Select the sequence of channels as you want to see and copy from this menu its coordinates. After this, switch to the next channel and do the same. Sometimes the setting is done with a remote control, and sometimes without him with the front of the television; here all may depend on the model.
Set the sequence of channels as needed. To change the settings of a channel use the buttons they switch to normal mode when you open the menu edit. Press sound to toggle through the menu items. This type of control applies to most models, but in some cases it may not work.
Apply changes. Check the quality of the transmitted image of each channel. If it is you will not be satisfied. Reconfigure the channels manually, changing the frequency at several positions and checking the results. If you still was not noticed any changes, use the auto tuning of the received channels. In this case, you set the sequence going to lose, but the reception quality will be possible.
If reception is generally poor, then don't change anything. When changing channels, try, if possible, to use remote control, so as not to harm the sight, since it can take a long time.